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A simple Leaflet and WebComponents interface to visualize and replay data logged when sailing.

  • LeafLet Map API
  • WebComponents
  • HTML5/CSS3/ES6
  • ...and so on!

Map is draggable.
Zoom in and out using the +/- on the chart (or double-click, and shift + double-click)
Click on the markers on the chart to display pictures.
Click on the pictures to enlarge them.
Use the links on the right to move from place to place (experimental).
Try the "REPLAY" button to replay what was logged (zoom when replaying..., it's worth it).

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Rubi's Cup 2023 - Replay Logged Data

Scroll down the page for pictures
Replay Status
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Slide show

OpenSource JavaScript map API at Zoom for details...
OlivSoft never stops