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What's a SPOT bulletin... ×
This is a cool feature provided by
A SPOT bulletin is an extraction from a GRIB file, for a given location. It is ideal when you are anchored, and you want to know what your next night(s) is(are) going to feel like.
You can obtain a SPOT bulletin by sending an email request to the address mentionned here.
This page will help you to build the request. Click on the map to define the spot you want the bulletin for, define the number of days, and the interval.
Then send the generated request, through your favorite email client in text format.
The bulletin should come to you within a few minutes, if not seconds.
Then copy its content, and paste it in the box expecting it.
And you're done!
SPOT User Manual ×

SPOT Request Generator and Parser


To get a SPOT bulletin you have to request it; you need to generate a SPOT Request, that will be sent in an email to
Then you receive a response to this email request: this is the spot bulletin.
You can then paste the content of the bulletin in the text-box expecting it, and you should be able to see the bulletin rendered in a graphical way.

Generate the request

To locate the place you want the bulletin for, click on the chart (you can zoom in and out). A click on the chart should update the position in the SPOT request, displayed in red.
Also choose the range and the interval, with the drop-down lists.
Your request is now ready to be used.
You can:
  • Copy the red string into your clipboard
  • Click the Copy button
  • Click the link, if you have an email client configured on your system
Important: This email MUST be sent in TEXT format. No fancy HTML formatting or what not.
The email would look like this:
            SUBJECT: spot
            send spot:47.61644734678011N,2.8180347383022313W|5,3|PRMSL,WIND,RAIN
Now send the email, the reponse should be in your inbox within minutes, if not seconds.

Rendering the bulletin

The bulletin you got as a response to your email looks like this:

Copy the content of the bulletin, from the top, at least to the last line of the tabular data (you can also copy the full content) in your clipboard.
Note: You can use the content above, for tests.
Now, paste the copied bulletin in the text-box that says Paste SPOT bulletin here, and tab out., and tab out of the text-box (or just click anywhere else).
The rest should be straightforward.

You've got a message... ×

Spot GRIB Parser ?

Using Saildocs and LeafLet

Paste your spot bulletin ↑ in the box above, including the header lines.
Send this spot request to :
send spot:0.0N,0.0E|5,3|PRMSL,WIND,RAIN
Request in the body, as text, any subject.
Click on the map to locate the spot.
Number of days Interval in hours
Your time zone:
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