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This page is part of a work in progress, its goal being to show as much data as possible, as clearly as possible, on one page...
Vast topic indeed.
Boat and GPS data can be set using the sliders at the bottom. The sliders at the bottom are here to simulate the data that would be emitted by an NMEA station.
Here we want to show a carrousel of WebComponents, displaying boat data like, True Wind Speed (TWS), True Wind Angle (TWA), etc...
True Wind data are calculated from the data read from the boat sensors (BSP, AWA, AWS) and GPS data.
The graph in the background shows a 2D representation of all the data.
To stop the carrousel, just move the mouse on it.
And again, this is pure 100% organic HTML5-CSS3-ES6. Absolutely no external library or framework, no GMO.

OlivSoft never stops
BSP: 8.0 kn
SOG: 8.2 kn
COG: 215°
AWS: 15.8 kn
AWA: -112°
HDG: 235°