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One of the best Single Board Computers Raspberry Pi Raspberry Coffee
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Some examples of Web Components Web Components A W3C Standard
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Simplifiy Java development, amazing graphics
If Python is a sand-box, Java is a football field!
Java and
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A way to get started with algorithms & programming languages Python Get started
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Arduino and other small boards Arduino & Co Real time programming on small boards
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Also runs fine on Raspberry Pi HTML5, CSS3,
ES6, NodeJS
Front-end and back-end
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Raspberry Pi: Oliv on Pi
Other code repositories
Jupyter Notebooks (Python & Java)
OpenCV, in Python & Java
AI, ML, DL & Co
Neural Network and Deep Learning
An Artificial Intelligence Crash Course, from training a network to real hand-written digits recognition.
One Neuron at work
A small tool, used in the presentation above...
Read a GPS from Java
Just reads the serial port and displays NMEA Sentences
Read a GPS from Python
Reads the Serial Port, parses RMC and GLL sentences, feeds a cache accessible through REST requests
Read a GPS from Processing
Java, simpler than Java...
Read a GPS from JavaScript (NodeJS)
Reads the Serial Port, parses RMC and GLL sentences
Books & Articles
And more (to come...)
This page is for now more like a playground... It's showcasing some of what can be done from a Single Page Appliction (aka SPA). All is done on the client side (HTML5, CSS3, ES6), there is no server side computing involved.
It does not even pretend to look good.

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