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Turning a small birch cup

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Oliv did it, 2020.

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This page is my workbench

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One of the best Single Board Computers Raspberry Pi Raspberry Coffee
Clouds and flakes
2 / 9
Some examples of Web Components Web Components A W3C Standard
WebComponents Samples
3 / 9
If Python is a sand-box, Java is a football field!
Processing simplifies Java development, amazing graphics.
Java and
4 / 9
A way to get started with algorithms & programming languages Python Get started
5 / 9
Arduino and other small boards Arduino & Co Real time programming on small boards
6 / 9
Also runs fine on Raspberry Pi HTML5, CSS3,
ES6, NodeJS
Front-end and back-end
7 / 9
Mostly Raspberry Pi-based Embarked Software,
Navigation Servers
NMEA, AIS, OpenCPN, REST, and friends
8 / 9
STL Files Generation 3D Printing OpenSCAD and related technologies
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This page is a sort of home page for several aspects of my work.
It includes links to articles, git repos, blogs, web pages, and other (isolated) resources.
It can also be seen as some kind of playground, to illustrate what a web-UI can look like (without pretending to be the best one, by far).
An interesting (in my books) thing to keep in mind: the Web-UI presented here contains absolutely NO external library. No JQuery, no AngularJS, no Underscore, etc.
I do not mean to look down on those frameworks, that would be really beyond stupid. I just want/mean to cut dependencies.
It uses several recent specifications from the W3C, about ES6, HTML5, CSS3, that might not be supported (yet?) by all browsers...
You might be sceptical about the structure of the site..., and I am with you about that. It is a work in constant progress.
This being said, enjoy the ride!
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► Raspberry Pi: Oliv on Pi
► WebComponents
► Single Page App stuff
A Full Modal Page, with a <div> A Full Modal Page, with an <iframe> A Full Modal Page, with an <iframe>, (external not allowed... CORS) A Full Modal Page, with an <iframe>, linear regression
► Other code repositories
Jupyter Notebooks (Python & Java)
► OpenCV, in Python & Java
► AI, ML, DL & Co
Neural Network and Deep Learning
An Artificial Intelligence Crash Course, from training a network to real hand-written digits recognition.
One Neuron at work
A small tool, used in the presentation above...
GPS 101 GPS 101, with LeafLet GPS and ISS (CORS problem) LeafLet JS example LeafLet JS, Great Circles and Rhumblines Read a GPS from Java
Just reads the serial port and displays NMEA Sentences
Read a GPS from Python
Reads the Serial Port, parses RMC and GLL sentences, feeds a cache accessible through REST requests
Read a GPS from Processing
Java, simpler than Java...
Read a GPS from JavaScript (NodeJS)
Reads the Serial Port, parses RMC and GLL sentences
► Books & Articles
► Weather etc...
► Misc & Bulk
And more (to come...)
This page is for now more like a playground... It's showcasing some of what can be done from a Single Page Appliction (aka SPA). All is done on the client side (HTML5, CSS3, ES6), there is no server side computing involved.
There is absolutely no external library involved on the client side.
It does not even pretend to look good. And Safari might not like all of it (it does not support 100% of HTML5)...

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