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Misc boating links...

Don Pedro in Polynesia
Don Pedro in Polynesia (new version, nicer)
The missing translator...

Naviguer sans électricité (in French, several documents)
Case Study. Minimalist Nav Station

► News Reports

Spi Ouest France 2023

Essais Voile-Magazine, 12 mai 2023

Dives-sur-mer, 28 mai 2023

Rubi's Cup 2023, Groix

A walk in Kervoine, Belz

Championnat de Godille, Port Lay, Groix

3D-printed blocks and other stuff

Number Converters

► Weather, faxes, etc.

UI examples, build the parameter file driving the NMEA Multiplexer and related Nav Servers.

Boat Design, Work in Progress

► Tides . This is a work in progress, pure Web Tide Application... All computations are done on the client side.


► Navigation Documents (pdf)

OlivSoft never stops. That's it.